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Forenservtek (Shandong) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on the research, produce and sales of two-way and three-way dampers for high-temperature flue gas systems and matching electric actuator.
Our company has profound experience in research and development and on-site service of valves and actuators, and has developed a number of technologies to improve the sealing performance of dampers, such as sealing disc structure, metal ring elastic sealing structure, three-way mechanical chain bypass valve, etc. It greatly improves the applicability of traditional shock absorber valve to increasingly stringent environmental emission requirements, while also bringing cost savings to customers.
At present, these innovative technologies have been well applied in EGCS, EGR, FGD, SCR, HRSG, CCS, and RTO systems in Marine, petrochemical, metallurgy, power generation, cement, and VOCs treatment and other industries.
We will continue to be committed to using new materials, new technologies, and new service concepts to improve customer experience, and committed to being a full-process solution provider for flue gas system dampers!


  • Pre-sales solution
    Pre-sales solution

    With many years of experience in the field of high-temperature gas control, FORENSERVTEK can provide professional advice based on different industry characteristics.

  • Custom design and processing
    Custom design and processing

    Forenservtek can custom design actuators, valves, valve seats, couplings, etc. We have CNC machining centers to support customized machining. Our supplier quality control department strictly controls the quality of outsourced parts.

  • Field service
    Field service

    FORENSERVTEK has a professional aftermarket team that specializes in debugging various dampers and actuators to quickly solve field product usage problems.

  • ODM and OEM
    ODM and OEM

    FORENSERVTEK has a professional R&D and engineer team to support non-standard design and customized processing. With more than 10 years of ODM/OEM experience, we have established a standardized production and quality management system. We continuously innovate and optimize products according to customer requirements to improve product applicability and quality.

  • Testing and inspection of valves and actuators
    Testing and inspection of valves and actuators

    FORENSERVTE has a well-equipped testing and inspection laboratory. We can perform material chemical composition testing, mechanical property testing, hardness testing, sealing testing, air volume testing, torque testing, vibration testing, etc. on various valves and actuators, and use penetration, ultrasonic, ray, magnetic particle and other flaw detection methods ensure the quality of damper welding.

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The Forenservtek team believes that quality is the foundation of the company’s survival. This is not only a slogan, but also a persistent purpose!

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Our Team

Design and development


Inspection test

quality inspection

type test

1. Starting torque test, rated voltage -10% at rated load.
2. Full life cycle test, the rated load exceeds 10,000 times, and the full range of opening and closing with a load rate of 70%.
3.EMC test, including 2500V surge test/4000V EFT test/4000V ESD test.
4. High temperature and high humidity test, 600 hours of uninterrupted operation at 85°C and 85% humidity.
5. Corrosion resistance test, 1000 hours salt spray test.
6. Noise test, there is no abnormal sound under different loads.

Supplier Quality Control

1. Gear inspection, machining accuracy and tolerance
2. Shell inspection, pressure test, machining accuracy and tolerance, coating inspection, scratch detection
3. Electronics and control package inspection

100% online inspection during production

1. Stall torque test, the rated torque is guaranteed after the motor and gear train are assembled
2. Withdraw voltage and insulation test to ensure safety performance
3. Electronic reliability test to ensure no fault
4. Underwater sealing test to ensure that the sealing level reaches IP67 and NEMA 4X

The FORENSERVTEK team believes that quality is the foundation of the company's survival.

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